About Jessica

I’m a registered nurse in New York City.

I graduated from the NYU Accelerated Nursing Program in May 2012. I initially created this blog to write about my experiences throughout nursing school, mostly because I couldn’t find a NYU Nursing blog and I thought that a documented experience would be helpful to others.

Since then, I’ve written about my post-nursing school life. It took nearly 6 months to land my first position at a rehab/nursing home where I stayed for almost two months. In January 2013, I started at the hospital on the telemetry med/surg unit with a specialty in orthopedics. Simply, I was a cardiac and ortho nurse. I took care of people who had heart problems and joint replacements. In December 2013, I became a critical care nurse in the MICU (Medical Intensive Care Unit).

Free feel to contact me through comments or emails — I get one at least once a week, but usually more often than that! I’d love to help out.


9 thoughts on “About Jessica

  1. Hi Jessica,

    I’m a hopeful applicant for NYU ABSN Spring 2014 and I came across your blog. Your experiences and insight have become my inspiration as a fellow Chinese American to work hard. I stand by and agree with a lot of the issues out there today.
    NYU is my first option and I would love to hear more about your background in terms of GPA, undergrad major, and your experiences that led you to NYU Nursing.
    Congratulations on your successes so far! May your future continue to be bright and brighter for those who get to meet you in person! 🙂


    • Dear Angela,
      Thank you! I wrote a personal email back to you regarding your questions. Good luck and let me know if you need anything else.

  2. Hi Jessica,
    I really love your blog it provides me with so much information that I wouldn’t know who to ask for advice. I’m also really interested in the NYU accelerated BSN program. Can you give me more information about the program in regards of GPA, prerequisite and course work? I’m actually a BS in biology already but I have not take anatomy and physiology, what advice do you have on that? And also Congrats on your nursing journey, it’s really inspiring to find others nurses to look up to:)

    • Hi Michelle,

      Considering that you majored in biology, you may have taken a class that is similar to A and P. If so, I would ask NYU nursing admissions if that is acceptable. If they say no, then I would sign up to take a A and P class at a community college or at your alma mater.

      What exactly do you want to know more about the requirements? Be more specific as to what you’d like to know. The NYU website should show all the classes you need to take before starting at NYU.

      Good luck!

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