NYU Nursing Accelerated 15-Month Program FAQs

I recently had a former classmate ask me about NYU College of Nursing – Accelerated 15 Month Program. I felt that she had some good questions and thought that others may benefit from this information. Feel free to contact me directly at jesschang07@gmail.com for any other questions or comments. At the time of writing this information, I have completed my 3rd out of 4th semester through the program.

Where did you take your prerequisites?

I took my prerequisites at my first college. However, you can take nutrition and lifespan development online and other courses at any accredited community college or university.

Is the program really intense or is doable?

The program is intense, but it is also very doable. You will learn how to balance your school-home-social life.

How much of the 15 month program is actual lecture and how much is clinical? What is the schedule for classes?

It is about half and half. Two days are clinical days and two days are lecture days. For example, Monday and Wednesday are lecture days. Each class is about 3 hours long, except for Integrative Seminar, which is a class developed for students and the professor to give feedback to each other and gain a greater understanding of nursing as a whole. Then Tuesdays and Thursdays are clinical/simulation days. Each class has a slightly different clinical schedule.

How much is the program? How much is tuition? Are there scholarships?

As of December 2011, tuition is about $19,000 per semester. The program is 4 semesters. Scholarships are available, especially through HSRA. However, I know that most students take out a student loan.

Where do you do clinicals?

I have done my clinical at New York Presbyterian – Cornell (GI), Bellevue (oncology), NYU Langone Medical Center (telemetry), Hebrew Home (rehab and dementia), a local housing site (psych), Mount Sinai (Maternity), and Maimonides (pediatrics). In the spring, I will be at Lenox Hill Hospital and a community health center in Chinatown. You will be able to pick where you want to do your clinical. It is also recommended to go to different hospitals (private and public) to get a feel for the differences in the hospitals.

What is the schedule like for simulation days?

During the 1st semester, the simulation day is from 7:30am – 2:30pm including a 1 hour lunch break. It is crucial to review the skills by reading the book and watching the videos so that you are prepared to perform those skills during class.

During the rest of the time at NYU, the simulations are 3 hours long. There is a scenario posted on Blackboard and pre-simulation questions that must be completed and submitted 48 hours prior to simulation.

Is 15 months = 4 semesters?


Do they expect you to remember a lot from the prerequisites?

It is strongly recommended that you understand anatomy and physiology for a first semester class called pathophysiology. If you do not remember, then you will have to play catch up during the semester.

Nutrition will be helpful as well. As long as you understand the basics of microbiology and lifespan development, you will be set. Chemistry – you should understand osmosis. Statistics will play a bigger role in Introduction to Research (taken 2nd semester), but you will be provided a quick refresher at the beginning of the semester.

How are the professors? The exams? The grading? The amount of homework/studying?

I believe all professors are doctorate prepared. Majority of them are great – they care deeply about their subject. The exams and grading are fair. During non-exam weeks, I study and do homework for about 10-15 hours per week. I begin to prepare for exams one week in advance and study for 30-40 hours that week. Most classes also have podcasts available. Some podcasts are directly from the lecture and other podcasts, the professor expects you to listen to them before the exam (they aren’t discussed in class).

Do you recommend the school and program?

Yes. Make sure your finances are okay first though because it is a big investment.

How does specialization work with nurses anyway?

Once you graduate, you will become a BSN, RN. You are allowed to choose any field that interests you. If at any point you want to change, you have the ability to change fields without consequences. Dr. Ea wrote a book called 201 Careers in Nursing, which goes to show you the width and depth of nursing. Johnson & Johnson has also created a fantastic website on exploring nursing specialties, detailing the setting, education you’d need, the typical salary, job characteristics, and some nurses’ stories about the field. To specialize as a RN, you will do certificates. To further specialize, you can return to school for Masters, DNP, and PhD.

What is the dual degree program? When do you apply for it?

NYU College of Nursing allows students to apply for the dual degree program in their 2nd and 3rd semester. It allows students to work for a year after graduation, and return to NYU for their Masters of their choice.


For current new graduates and NYU Nursing students, I wrote a brief outline of what you can do for you to get a job shortly after graduation. Good luck!

86 thoughts on “NYU Nursing Accelerated 15-Month Program FAQs

  1. Thank you so much for this post! I’m finishing some pre-reqs and then applying to NYU’s Accelerated BSN program for Fall 2013. It’s so nice to find an organized, comprehensive FAQ from an actual student. Congratulations on finishing, by the way 🙂

      • Hi Jess!
        I know I’ve commented on this blog post way too many times now haha
        I’m starting at NYU this fall and I’m planning on working a part time job to help pay off the costs. Do you think working 25 hours a week is feasible? I’m a waitress and will probably work three 8 hour shifts a week.


      • Hi! I had some classmates do that and still managed to do well in school! The first two semester are a little tougher but once you’re in your third and fourth semester, you know how to study and you’ll have an easier time with a part time job. Go for it!

      • Okay! I’ll keep a strict study schedule and really try to manage my time. Thanks so much for your help again! I hope you’re doing well and liking your current job! Congrats on getting off probation. 🙂

      • Hey Jess, you mention prerequisite such as life span to take it on line. What website can you provide for me to take those classes. Thank you!!

  2. This was very helpful NYU is my first choice for the accelerated program but that wont be until 2014. Congratulations of graduating by the way. I hope to be in your position some day.

  3. I like the helpful info you supply on your articles. I will bookmark your blog and take a look at again right here regularly. I’m reasonably certain I will learn plenty of new stuff proper right here! Good luck for the next!

  4. Thank you so much for your insight. I am actually applying for the spring semester and I’m a bit excited & nervous. Do you know if the 15 month program is competitive?

    • The 15 month program is competitive. I recommend doing well in all of your prerequisites and becoming closer to those who will recommend you. Also, write a killer personal statement on why nursing is awesome for you, and your plans with a nursing degree.

  5. Hi NYU is my #1 for spring 2013. I did however repeat classes for better grades because I have a low graduating gpa(I know NYU has no requirement). I guess if you can tell me, am I shooting in the dark or do I have a good chance.

    • Hi Livin to be a nurse,
      I’m glad that you’re interested in NYU nursing. The most important things for you are the following:
      1) Do well in the prerequisites. Even if the rest of your GPA is lower, you still have a chance.
      2) Write a great personal statement. Doing this involves you to understand what nurses do, think about why you want to be a nurse, and what you hope to do as a nurse.
      3) Recommendation letters: if you are still taking classes, try to get to know your professors so they can be prepared to write you a good one.

      Good luck!

  6. Congratulation! After graduating was it difficult to land a job? If not, do you have any tips on securing a job while in the program b/c I don’t see to much time to intern during the program. I have applied to the program as well and waiting for the response (nervous) but I’m out of sate do you have any advise for apartments? Excuse all these questions. NYU is a huge expenses in comparison to our nursing programs but I figure this is my dream school so let see.

    • Dear Jennifer,

      I’m currently looking for a job. It is not easy to obtain one. I’ve written another post about ways to get an offer, and this advice is based on what my other classmates who currently have a job have done. Volunteer and network are probably the most important things.

      As for apartment searching, many of my classmates have used craigslist and others found roommates through the NYU nursing Facebook group. A lot of people also dorm during the first semester. That way, they become friends with other nursing classmates and decide to move out together the subsequent semesters.

      I hope I answered your questions. Let me know if you have any additional questions. And good luck!

  7. Thank you so much for this information. However could you tell me what you mean by “having your finances together”? This is my dream school and I just got accepted for next spring but the tuition is scaring me a little. I have no current debt but I have not been awarded any scholarships yet and I hear NYU doesn’t offer much.

    • Dear Jay,
      Be ready to pay for tuition. NYU does provide some scholarships, but for most people, it is not enough to cover you. I do recommend applying for HRSA, as several of my classmates received that and it covered half of the tuition and required them to work 2 years in an ‘underserved’ hospital. Good luck to you!

    • Hi Jenny,
      I emailed you with more details. The most important GPA is your prerequisite GPA, even if your overall is not as high. Remember, your personal statement and recommendations are vital too. Good luck to you!

      • hi Jessica
        is volunteer hours highly recommended and GRE. and what about a 3.2 GPA overall. please email me

  8. Hi Jessica,
    I just got accepted to the accelerated program for the spring 2013 semester! I’m so excited but feeling overwhelmed at the same time because I need to get my finances together. I am looking for private loans but there’s so many choices! someone told me not to do Sallie Mae because they heard a lot of bad things from her friends that took out loans from them. Do you have any recommendations on which private loan companies i should/shouldn’t look into? For HRSA, do you apply after you completed the nursing program? Please let me know. Thank you!

    • Hi Melinda,

      Some people recommended Wells Fargo because the APR is lower than the other companies but that may have changed since I last looked about two years ago when I was applying. As for HRSA, my classmates completed their first semester during the spring, and then applied for HRSA at the beginning of the second semester during the summer. Right before finals, they were notified if they received the scholarship.

      Good luck to you and congrats on getting in!

  9. Hi Jess,
    I am so glad to have come across your blog. My overall gpa is a 2.7 i majored in bio I know it’s low and my pre req were combinations of c+ and b’s. I emailed Erin on ways she could work with me, given that I lack nutrition and developmental psych. Maybe i could take them at nyu in the fall based on how I do then in the spring be admitted into the program. My personal statements is very good outlining my interest in nursing and passion. I have 4 letters of recommendation from 2 md’s and 2 rn’s. I also worked as a cna/hha for a few years.
    Please tell me what you think. I need this and badly want it.

    • I’ve had many people email me with a similar concern– low GPA. The higher the prerequities GPA, the better the odds of getting in. However, I do believe that a strong personal statement and recommendation letters are equally as important. Good luck!!

  10. Hello Jessica
    You have stated that the need to be financially stable is necessary, but how helpful is NYU at giving scholarship money or financial aid? I’ve been looking into the accelerated nursing program for quite a while, and am a bio major, so I already have many of the prerequisites finished. My main concern is how I would be able to go through with the program financially.

    • Hi Ariana,
      NYU offers a varying amount of scholarship. While a few individuals will have fantastic scholarships that pay for a majority of the tuition, most students do not receive such offer.

      After applying through FAFSA, NYU does offer Direct Loans that may or may not cover everything. Most students took out additional loans through Wells Fargo, Sallie Mae, Citi, etc.

      I recommend applying to HRSA during the spring and as many scholarships as you can. I hoped that helped. Good luck!! Let me know if you have additional questions.


  11. Hi Jessica,
    Just wanted to let you know that I made it into the program and am attending this fall 🙂 Thanks again for this very helpful blog post. Wishing you the best!


  12. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you so much for this information. I just got accepted into the accelerated program at NYU and am really excited! The only thing i am wondering is, if i get into Hunter’s program as well, i may not know which one to pick. I realize you do not go to Hunter…but i was wondering if you have been able to talk with people and compare the educations, or experiences in any way.

    Thank you so much for this post…it truly is great to get honest info from someone who went through the program!

    • Hi Dana,

      There are 3 major differences between Hunter and NYU.

      1. Cost – Hunter is much more affordable.

      2. School Name – worldwide, people know NYU. Locally, people know Hunter. It really depends on what you’d like to do with your nursing degree. If you’d like to stay bedside nurse as a “lifer”, then Hunter may be the way to go. If you’re interested in advancing, then NYU may be more suited. If you want to higher education, then maybe going to Hunter first and then attending NYU. I think that when you first start off, the school name doesn’t matter as much but the longer you stay in the profession, the more it matters.

      3. Administration – I’ve heard complaints from Hunter students that the administration there takes a long time to respond. Unfortunately, that occurs more often in CUNY schools. But, some NYU students complain about the same thing, especially regarding Bursar so both schools have their pros and cons.

      One thing that bothered me was that Hunter allows pathophysiology to be an elective. I think that is crazy! NYU has that class as a first semester class because it is so essential to understand the disease process to help take care of patients.

      Anyway, I hoped that helped! Good luck with your decision.

  13. Hi Jessica,

    I will be attending the accelerated program in the fall. It is going to be expensive, but worth it I believe. I am moving from Nothern California. I just wanted to know how you liked the program and the campus. I have heard that the city life can be overwhelming and hard to make friends; so I am a bit nervous coming from a small town. Thanks for your post, it has helped out a lot!!

    • Hi Mena,

      The program is what you make of it. That being said, you’ll meet great people, friends and professors alike. I’m also from a small town but I felt like I fit in right away. Good luck!

  14. Hi Jessica,

    Let me start off by thanking you for this awesome blog. I’m in the process of applying to Accelerated BSN programs and I’m super interested in NYU. I was wondering if you could tell me the ‘typical’ weekly schedule for an accelerated BSN student at NYU. Also, what would you say are some major differences between Columbia’s program and NYU’s program (if you have had any experience with recent Columbia grads)?

    Thanks again!

    • Hi Sara, a typical schedule looks like this:

      Tues and Thurs: Clinicals (rotating between on and off campus; also health assessment)

      Mon and Wed: 2 3-hour lectures: usually one starting at 9-12 and another from 3-6.

      As for the differences between NYU and Columbia– NYU’s accelerated program is 15 months and has a dual degree program that requires you to have 1 year gap before starting the master’s.

      Columbia is a direct BSN/MSN program. They require a GRE score prior to admission. The BSN is 12 months starting in the fall. Summer off to take the NCLEX and the back on for 2 years for the MSN. I heard Columbia’s last BSN semester has you in the hospital working a few shifts with a nurse.

      Both are great programs. Can’t really go wrong with either.

  15. Hey , Jess I wanted to let you know that NY Presbyterian is now accepting applications for New Grads.

  16. Hi Jessica,

    I am thinking of applying to NYU nursing program, but I heard is very hard in terms of the exams. I was once a nursing student at a different private university, unfortunately I didn’t do well and had to be drop. Is there any advice?

    • Hi Gracie,
      The exams are meant to test your critical thinking skills rather than straight up memorization. I’m not sure what NYU’s policy is in regards to dropping out from another nursing school. I would ask the admissions office directly for the answer.

  17. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you very much for this blog. I was accepted into NYU Accelerated Nursing program for this fall. However, I wanted to gain some experience while in school since many hospitals requires 1 year experience. I am considering getting the CNA to do some weekend job. My friend told me that once I start doing clinical I will automatically get the CNA certification. is this true? Do they offer this option at NYU? What is your advise?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Nicky,
      Congrats on getting in!!

      When hospitals state that they want 1 year experience, it meant to say 1 year of RN licensed experience. At most nursing schools, you do not get the CNA certification during school, including at NYU. Getting a CNA license will help you get a job at the hospital during school and that will help you learn and in some cases, help you get your first nursing job after you pass the NCLEX (provided that 1) they are hiring and 2) you had a favorable impression on the nurses and management there by doing a great job).

      Most students did not do CNA prior or during school. Some students did do CNA during school and among those students, some got jobs right away.

      Personally I did not do it.

      During nursing school, I interned at NYU Center for the Study of Asian American Health because I was interested in the research. I also taught swimming because that was what I did as a part time job prior to attending school.

      You should pursue your own interests and do what you want to do, not necessarily what you expect others you to do. Once you decide what you want to do, go with full force! Good luck!

      • Jessica,
        Thank you very much for replying. I was really worried where the job after graduation was concern so I appreciated your guidance on that area.

        My interest in in pediatrics nursing and midwife later.

        You mentioned that you had an intern job and part time job during school since I will have Fridays to Sundays off. The school has taken off 1 of the course from 5 to 4.. I was thinking about doing a part time job to help cover some expenses. Do you think this is doable?

        Thanks alot!

      • I think it’s definitely doable! You know your own limit the best so go for it.

        Peds and maternity is great!! We need more midwives!!!

  18. Hi Jessica, by any chance do you know anyone who is currently enrolled or graduated from the BSN/MS program? I’m starting my final year as a traditional student at NYU, and we just received the applications for the Master’s Program. I want to have an idea of what current students think of the master’s programs and their work experience after acquiring both BSN and MSN.

    Thanks for being awesome by writing this blog and responding to the many questions of the current and prospective students.

    • Hi Vince,
      I think the masters program here is pretty good and so do other students who have graduated from here. It’s definitely worth it to apply for the dual degree. The major difference is that you take 1 or 2 graduate classes as your elective during your last semester at NYU (I took statistics). I waited a year (graduated in May 2012 and started back up in September 2013) before starting.

      Many top nursing leaders come out from NYU so I highly recommend it. Even if you decide not to continue at NYU, at least you could transfer the credit to another nursing school! Several students have also done that. Good luck with your decision!

  19. Hi Jessica! I am finishing up my pre requisites this coming spring and was hoping to apply for Fall 2014 admission. I will have my last pre requisites completed by May 2014. Will NYU consider my application if the pre requisites are not complete by the application deadline of April 1st 2014?

    • Yes NYU will still consider you. As long as you complete all pre-reqs prior to actually starting the program (so for you, it would be before September 2014), you can begin in the fall! Good luck!

  20. Hey Jess!
    I came across your blog online and am excited to say I have been admitted for the upcoming Spring semester. I had a concern about grading/etc. Is there a minimum GPA requirement/grade you have to maintain in order to be in the program? Do you know of anyone who has gotten left back for a class, etc? Just worried about that ever happening…

    I hope you get back to me soon!

    • Hi Inas, I’m happy for you! As for the minimum GPA you have to get for each class, I believe it’s a C+ or higher. As for anyone getting left behind — it might be one person out of the entire class of 200 people. Just study and you’ll be fine! 🙂 Good luck and enjoy the snowy weather today.

  21. Hi I will be starting the program this Spring 2014, I am very excited but nervous about housing and job ouotlook. Did you live on campus or off and if off where do you suggest is safe with rent not being too high? Also do you recommend someone spending about 3 hrs of travelling a day to save costs?

    • Hi Ajike,
      Congrats!! I went on my own to pick out an apartment and lived along the NYU Bus Route. Anywhere along the route is safe. On a whole, I would say Manhattan is generally safe. The only area I would question is Harlem especially at night.

      Some people did travel around 3 hours a day to save costs. Personally, I think that’s too much but it’s really up to you. Good luck!

  22. Hi Jessica, thank you so much for your insights. You have answered a lot of questions that I had about the program, and in a very gracious way. Thank you. Just one question… I am applying as an international student. Do you know by any chance, what opportunities are out there upon NYU graduation for foreign students as far as job opportunity goes?

    • Hi Kate,
      As of right now, I heard from international nurses that they have a hard time working in hospitals in New York. However, that may change by the time you enter the workforce. I tried to search for more information online but couldn’t find the same information.

      I think that if you graduate from NYU (or any USA school), that you should have a higher chance of working in the US. Good luck!

  23. Hi Jessica! Congrats on graduating and thanks so much for doing this. I’m currently planning on applying for the Fall semester but just want to know what my chances are of being accepted. I have a 2.9 gpa and a 3.1 science gpa do you think I have a chance or do you know any student that got in with a low gpa?

    • Hi Cindy,
      Personally, I don’t know anyone who has been accepted with a 2.9 GPA. I’ve heard students enter with 3.2 GPA and higher. I hoped that helped. Good luck! And don’t give up!

  24. Does anyone know about Long Island University? They have Accelerated nursing as well, but I’m not sure which one is better cost.

    • I have several coworkers and friends who went to or go to LIU. Here’s what I heard: they are tough and try to weed people out. But if you make it, you’ll really know your stuff inside and out especially clinically.

      I have to admit, I wish I got more clinical skills during school at NYU but it wasn’t difficult to pick up once I started working. Good luck with your decision!

  25. I needed to thank you for this fantastic read!!
    I absolutely loved every bit of it. I have you
    saved as a favorite to look at new things you post…

  26. Hi,
    This blog was really helpful. I was wondering if you remembered when you heard back from the NYU accelerated nursing program. I applied before the due date and have a 3.9 GPA and A/A- in all my prerequisites but am still taking micro and nutrition which will be complete before fall 2014.

    • Thanks Tali! I applied on the priority deadline and found out I got in 5 weeks after I applied. It’s fine that you’re still taking your pre-reqs as long as you get a C or higher. I hope you get in!

  27. Hi Jessica,
    Your blog is a wonderful find. I applied just a few days ago and I’m wondering if this will hurt my chances of getting accepted? The deadline is April 1st. I’ve finished all my pre-reqs except for nutrition which I’m taking now. Thanks.

  28. Hi Jessica!
    Can you tell me if there are resources available at NYU like tutoring for students that have a hard time understanding the material. Also, are there students that have not made it passed the first semester because of the workload?

  29. Hello Jessica! All of the information you’ve posted have helped me gain more information about the program. I’ve just recently received my acceptance letter for the Fall 2014 semester! Would you recommend living on campus the first year? Also, I was hoping to get a CNA certificate this summer and work as a CNA in NY while being a full time student. Would you recommend doing that? I’m not too sure how rigorous the program is and if it would be difficult to maintain both a part time job and school at the same time. Thank you!

    • Hi Jing! Congrats on getting in. Living on campus allows you to meet more people but personally I lived off campus the entire time. As for working part time, I don’t really recommend it but I did do it during my 3rd and 4th semester. Some students even did full time throughout school! Some got RN jobs right away and others had to work for it. If during your schooling you had a part time job before and you could handle it, it should be ok because you go to school and clinical 4 days a week and have 3 days off. But I gave myself 2 semesters dedicated to school just to make sure I can do it. 2nd semester is the toughest so give yourself more time then to study. Good luck’

  30. Please what is my chances of gaining admission into NYU as non accelerated student because I don’t have any prerequisite yet or do u advice I go to a college to get my prerequisite done first before applying in NYU.I already have my first bachelor’s degree because I want to apply for the spring 2015

    • you can still apply and take your prereq’s at NYU but it’ll be more expensive (although a lot of people do this too). Or, take your prereq’s at another college and then apply as a accelerated student. It’s really up to you.

  31. Hi Jessica, I received my acceptance letter this morning. I will be starting in the fall. I am missing missing two of the prerequisites. How does it work with NYU, do they make you take the missing prerequisites first, then you start the regular program (15 month)? Thanks.

    • Hi Clivens,
      Take your 2 missing prerequisites over the summer and you should be good to go for the fall. If you don’t complete them before the fall semester starts, then you won’t be able to start.

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  33. Hi – thank you for writing this, such a valuable and informative resource! I am taking my pre reqs for the accelerated program. I will still have 2 remaining that I plan to take in spring 2015. That said, I was considering applying this fall for generic entry to the program in spring and taking my last two pre reqs along with some other nursing courses (is that allowed if not all pre reqs for nursing are finished or are in process?). Also, if I did apply to the generic program and got accepted, may I then finish up my pre reqs in spring and transfer to the accelerated program in the fall? If I get accepted to generic but can only take my remaining two pre reqs then it’s not worth it to pay tuition for only two classes. I would only want to apply for spring 2015 entry if it would help me progress in my course work. Thanks again for the time and effort you’ve put into this!

    • Hi! I’m not really sure. I recommend either finishing your pre-req’s while you’re applying. So since you have 2 more classes to take, apply for the fall accelerated program and complete those 2 classes in the spring or summer.

      I wouldn’t recommend applying for the generic program. The major difference between the two is summer classes vs no summer classes but it’s the same material so might as well finish it sooner! Hoped that helped.

  34. Hi Jessica thank u for your site! It’s so helpful. I just got into the 15 month program. Taking all 5 pre reqs in the fall. I was shocked to get in bc I didn’t have any science courses but I did have a high gpa with a marketing degree. Only had stats which they accepted. I start officially in the spring. Anyway I felt very lucky. So my questions for you…
    1. What are the fees that are on the tuition bill for? I thought it was health insurance but there is a a separate fee for that. I just want to take advantage of what those fees included

    2. I’m very passionate about reproductive medicine primarily in the infertility area. What do you think of this field? And what do u suggest I do to get into it?

    3. I wanted to start volunteering at a hospital his fall but so far after a couple of applications I haven’t heard from anyone. Any suggestions on this?

    Thank u for any suggestions!

    • Hi there,
      Congrats on getting in!
      1. Every school has its crazy fees. Some administrative and others for student services like clubs, free fairs, discounted ticket sales, etc. That just means try to participate in the school!
      2. If you’re interested in a field, I’d recommend seeking out more information about it either through professors who research about the field or through those who practice it already. I’m sure there are many clinics in NYC where they’d be glad to have to shadow or get more involved! Find a mentor who’d be willing to give you more advice about what you should do.
      3. In the city, unfortunately it takes months before hospitals get back to you about volunteering. But don’t lose hope! Eventually they will so just be patient.
      Good luck and have a good rest of the summer.

  35. Good morning Jess,

    I’m applying for NYU’s 2015 nursing accelerated spring semester. My over all gpa is 2.8, I went to 5 different schools. I graduated with a 3.0 from my last school. I’ve worked in a hospital for the past 6 years. Will this work experience help my chances in getting in? Also are the tests fair and will the professors actually help you if you don’t understand the material? I’ve had professors in the past who made the tests so difficult. Thank you for your help.

    Also I’ll be traveling from jersey, would you recommend traveling everyday or living in the city? I was wondering if I should take the path into the city or just live there. Thanks!

  36. Hello I am applying at NYU for spring 2015. My gps at the moment is 2.9 and I still have 1 semester to finish my pre req… base in my calculation if I do well on the remaining classes I might graduate with a 3.2. If I have a strong recommendation letter and I am volunteering fi I have a chance of getting in the program I have C+ in chem so far that is ny lowest science grade I am scared please possitive thought and what to do . I will really appreciate

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